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Start your journey to a more organized digital life today

Revolutionize your productivity with my custom-designed templates built for Notion, tailored for seamless organization and efficiency.

Take Control

Do what you do best. Create. Whether it's personal or business tasks, my templates made for Notion will be your faithful companion on the journey.


Combine the goals you aim to achieve with the steps and tools needed for implementation. Archive confidently.


Compass for your tasks. Manage projects, tasks, and the resources needed to complete them all in one place.

Weekly Planner

Take 20 minutes each week to plan your upcoming week. Do it on Friday afternoon so that you don't have to worry about how to start your Monday mornings during the weekend.

What makes the NoteStyle platform unique?

It provides a solution-oriented audience with everything they need for efficient digitization of both personal and business life, all in one place.


I use my templates daily to achieve my personal and business goals.


You will find only templates designed for solving everyday, real-life situations in our collection.


I continuously monitor the performance of the templates based on your feedback.


We support each other with constructive, honest feedback and insights.


Not only do I share the best of my knowledge, but I also actively participate in the community life.


I so strongly believe in solving problems derived from real-life situations that I eagerly await your suggestions.

Practical Insights, Efficiency-Boosting Tips

A collection of inspiration and tips containing digitally effective note taking solutions. Using these can make you more productive and enhance the value of your business.

Efficiency-Enhancing Templates

Achieve both your personal and business goals. Use pre-assembled, configured, and tested templates made for Notion.

Widely Accessible

Available on all platforms, whether it's mobile or desktop use. You don't have to sacrifice full functionality even when you're on the go.


Use the Notion app as your information hub. Have a place where you can store, organize, and realize your personal and business goals in complete harmony.


Share anything you want. The Notion app is not just for storage, but also for sharing. Write a blog, create a Terms of Service page, share your vacation itinerary, and the list is far from over. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Premium Templates

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Supportive Community

My mission is to create an exclusive, efficiency-based community. To bring to life an online space formed by members with similar interests. In other words, I won’t let go of your hand even after your purchase. Join the community and enjoy the benefits that come with membership.


I created this community in the spirit of togetherness. Here you are surrounded by people who share your interests.

Read Exclusive Content

Handpicked tips, tricks, tools, and information that will take you further.

Seek Advice

Torn between multiple solutions? Share what’s on your mind in the group, let's discuss it together. If you need feedback, you're in the right place.

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